Tune Up
Have you noticed that your computer is running a lot slower then it used to? Do you get annoying pop-ups whenever you are online? Do you experience one or more "Windows" or "System" error messages while using your computer? If you have said yes to any of these then its time to tune up your computer.
  1. Reboot your computer and take notes of any unusual behaviors (such as system lags, messages, etc.)
  2. Remove adware and spyware from your computer
  3. Repair any/all corrupted system files
  4. Manually read through your registry to find and remove any bad entries
  5. Check your system preferences and setting to ensure proper configurations
Clean Up
A computer over heating is just as critical as a car over heating. For this reason computers and their accessories should be cleaned to avoid dust and dirt build up. It's not as easy as opening your computer and vacuuming it out. You must know how to handle the delicate computer boards and chips. Consideration must also be taken to avoid static shocks which can cause a computer short circuit and loss of your valuable data.
  1. Place the computer and accessories in a dry cool area in a static avoidance environment
  2. Open the computer and remove the internal components
  3. Clean each of these pieces followed by the computer's tower
  4. Clean out the computer's fan(s) and power source
  5. Put the computer back together
  6. Clean (and disassemble if needed) any/all accessories and perform similar operations
  7. Reassemble the system and test its functionality
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