If you have multiple computer systems in your home or office you are loosing out a lot by not having these items networked. By networking computers you can share disk space, printer(s), and internet connections. A simple peer-to-peer connection can be created to connect 2 computers or, with the use of hardware, networks can connect an unlimited number of computers. Many different network configurations can be applied to the same set of components and that's why a professional should decide which setup will work best for you (taking into consideration price, efficiency, and current technology standards). Not only that, you must consider if a wired or wireless network is the best choice for your situation.
  1. Receive a list of the items you wish to network (computer(s), server(s), printer(s), etc).
  2. Draw out a unique plan which best suites your needs.
  3. Created a list, if needed, of hardware and software you will need to purchase (along with a researched list of prices).
  4. Connect all components and test their functionality.
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