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Are you looking to sell collectibles, electronics, toys, clothes, or other things you have just lying around your house or business? Ebay is the largest online auction house, people all over the world buy and sell everything you can imagine. If you're looking to make some money or clear out a room or office have an "online garage sale."
Every item listed gets a custom page with a header, footer, several images, and a detailed description. I don't just throw online a single picture of an item along with a two sentence description, addequate time is spent preparing each individual item.
  1. Receive the item from you (including any/all accessories, manuals, and spare parts)
  2. Research the item from both the manufacturer and online stores
  3. Research the average and maximum prices currently being received for your item
  4. Take at least 2 pictures of the item
  5. Create a custom web page including a header with the manufacture's logo and the item's logo, professional looking written description, and footer including at least 2 pictures and terms and conditions
  6. Post the custom web page and within 10 days money is coming your way
Best of all, you pay NOTHING until your item sells! If it does not sell I will re-list the item and pay for the first set of eBay listing fees.
In addition, you don't have to worry about putting any of your information online. That means no one will know your name, your credit card number, etc. Instead I use my information and you just collect the money when the listing closes!
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