Video Editing
Animated Video
If you do not see the movie, you do not have Windows Media Player. Please contact me for a version which is compadible with your computer.
For this video I first created the 3-Demensional environment using Maya. This includes the floors, walls, desks, lamp, hand, computer, etc. I then recorded the scene usng several camera angles. To edit the video, I spliced these different camara angles together, added audio, attached an animated title screen, and attached scrolling credits.
3-Demensional Modeling, 3-Demensioanl Animations, Graphic Design, Texture Editing, Video Splicing, Audio Editing, and Video Editing.
Please keep in mind when watching this video clip that is has been compressed so it will play over an internet connection. Please contact me if you would like to view the high quality, non compressed version. (This file is 2MB, the original is 110MB).
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